About Us

We are a small family run business supplying premium quality and strength London Dry Gin. Our first great product is called Dauntless. This is only made from English Wheat Grain Spirit and this guarantees it’s quality and provenance. Poppies are included in the botanicals to help provide a unique taste and also for remembrance.

London Dry Gin is all about the production process used, and this is the best there is, it’s where a traditional still is used and where the re-distillation process is using only approved natural flavourings. No colours or sweeteners are added. There are lower quality processes called Gin and Distilled Gin but we won’t use them.

We gained approval from the cabinet office to use the term “Royal” in our company name, granted due to our ethics. Apart from making really great Gin we are donating twenty percent of our profits to charity.

We have partnered with two charities which are Combat Stress and the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, as we believe these two charities are great at what they do, and not only do we wish to contribute to them financially but also wish to help communicate their key messages and raise their profile.

Sharing Dauntless with the Mayor

We aim to use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible

In the future, we will expand our sales and product range and profits permitting, will offer Dauntless Bursaries to those who wish to do good deeds in their local community in the UK in a “Dauntless” way.

Friends of Dauntless are available to attend special events where we can demonstrate our “Perfect Serve” the Dauntless Triple R. If you have a special event, then please contact us.

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Dauntless means fearless and determined, and yes, that’s us.

Dauntless is the Spirit