Dauntless in Two Glasses on Table
Dauntless is the Spirit

Dauntless is a premium quality and strength London Dry Gin. Dauntless’ 43% alcohol level distinguishes it from lower strength alternatives. The grain spirit is made only from English Wheat, sourced from the North of England.

We could have used Sugar Beet from France as a cheap alternative to make the spirit, like some other Gin makers do, but we wanted English quality and traceability of supply.

We have found a local source of Juniper Berries in Wiltshire but there is a fungal infection, so we can’t use them just yet.

Dauntless Bottle with Dauntless Triple R in Foreground

The Process

The distillation process is using traditional copper pot stills, some dating back to the 1800’s. There are fourteen botanicals in the mix including specially selected blue and white poppies. We believe these give a unique element to the taste but they are also there for remembrance.

London Dry Gin is all about the production process used, and this is the best there is, it’s where a traditional still is used and where the re-distillation process is using only approved natural flavourings. No colours or sweeteners are added. There are lower quality processes called Gin and Distilled Gin but we won’t use them.

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Dauntless helping fatigue!
Dauntless Hamper
Dauntless Hamper

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Product Details

Dauntless is available in 70CL size Venetian Glass Bottles.

Wholesale orders are taken in case quantities of 6 bottles and minimum order quantities may apply depending on your location.

Contact sales@royalgin.co.uk for retail orders or visit one of the following retail outlets;

The Three Trees Farm Shop, Chiseldon, SN4 0HT

The New Wine Shop, 6 High Street, Calne. SN11 0BJ

Magnum Wine Shop, 22 Wood Street, Old Town, Swindon. SN1 4AB

Arkells Vintners, Kingsdown, Upper Stratton, SN2 7RU


Dauntless Triple R

Our perfect serve is the Dauntless Triple R, this is a tall glass, tonic, ice if you wish, Belvoir Farms Rose and Elderflower Cordial, two raspberries, a rose bud and a sprig of Rosemary.

Dauntless Serving Suggestions

If you’d like to be a Dauntless customer, please complete our Account Opening form or email us on sales@royalgin.co.uk and we’ll come straight back to you.